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Posted at 2:12 am April 7, 2011 Dokken


MLB Rules


(Spring Training Rules)

1a) All teams must play 2 practice games vs a league opponent, and use the team they have picked in the league.

2b) You can use minor league ball parks for these games.

3c) You must enter stats for these games as we will be doing it come opening night. Ask how to and i will help you


1) Respect all players in the league!! Doing not will get you removed!!

2) Play as real as you can without every ball being in the dirt or on the back stop, this is a balls and strike league.

3) Stay active and do recaps and stuff on the website.


Game Scheduling

Game scheduling is the most important aspect of online sports gaming. The closer you adhere to these guidelines, the more efficient your league will run. There is zero tolerance and no refunds (If it’s a pay league) will be given to those who are removed from the league as a result of a no-show or are consistently late. Team owners must utilize the methods of communication described below to contact their opponents. Owners should not wait until the day before the week is due to start before scheduling in the forum, but should reach out to your opponent 3+ days in advance of the week starting to check you and your opponents’ availability and set a time to play. If you will be leaving town for an extended period of time, you must notify your upcoming opponents and your league administrator.

Schedule Forum: Each week will have an individual thread where you post your availability to play. Your opponent should respond to this forum post and vice-versa until a game time is confirmed. If a game is not played by deadline, the league Commissioner will view the forum to see the efforts put forth by both teams to complete the game. If one owner made multiple attempts to contact the other to no response, that owner making more effort may be granted an automatic win.

Email: You should include the email address you use most often on your user profile. Owners should check their emails at least once a day in-season.

Online Messenger: Owners are encouraged to have an online messenger for further communication.  AIM, MSN, Yahoo, etc. Dspn suggests the use of Skype (http://www.skype.com). It has text and advanced voice capabilities.


Statistics & Records

Most Dspn leagues will utilize the built-in league functionality within the game to house standings, schedules, statistics, leaders, records, etc. In the event that the built in integration is not functioning properly, a separate statistical tracking mechanism may be used (such as Leaguedogs) at no additional cost to owners. Basic statistics, schedule, standings, etc. will also be available on your league website in order to provide you with general information when you only have access to a computer. So for these reason we will track the stats from day one. Leaguedogs is just like League Daddy…

Game Disconnects

If the game disconnects and you are playing in a league based in the game (i.e. MLB the Show Online League feature), please use common sense to determine how the remainder of the game should be played. By rule, the teams should continue playing where they left off as an exhibition game with the same score differential and innings remaining (it is not possible to restart/void the game within the league). However, each team may mutually agree to any other method of settling the score (i.e. start over, call game as is, etc.).

Example: If a game disconnects in a 3-3 tie with two outs and no one on in the bottom of the 3rd inning, the teams should restart and play a 6 inning game starting at 0-0.

Example: If a game disconnects with Team A leading 5-1 in the top of the 6th inning, the teams should restart with a score of 5-1 and play a four inning game. To obtain the 5-1 score, you must manually score the runs without opponent objection. Teams should agree to start over if there is substantial lag early in the game. If there is a dispute as to how to settle a game, the league administrator should be contacted immediately to help resolve the issue, this decision will be final.

Internet Connection

Members are expected to use a hard-wired internet connection. Most sources of research show that a wired connection allows for greater bandwidth exchange and a smoother and more consistent game experience when compared to wireless routers.


Each owner must have a mic/headset available during league play. You are not required to chat with your opponent throughout the game, however, your mic should be available if you need to talk with your opponent (telling them you’re grabbing a beer, taking a leak, someone’s at the door, etc.). Do not leave your opponent hanging for minutes while you pause with no warning. If you must pause, do it in a sportsmanlike manner between innings, following a series of downs, in between quarters, etc.


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