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Posted at 11:31 pm September 1, 2011 Dokken


 Starting next season (Season 3) the league will be awarding a$20.00 Game  Stop gift card to the topĀ ranked player in the league. This is to keep you interested  and to thank you for taking part in theĀ  league. There will be rules and  requirements as they will be posted here, all rules must be fallowed to win the  prize. Rules are as fallowed



1) Must play 8 games in one month

2) No BS complainants

3) Respect opponents at all time, conduct in a proper manner at all times

4) All games will be looked at for funny play

5) You are eligible to win the prize once a month, but can not win it back to back months.

6) You must stay active on the site and league as this is part of the DSPN Network.

7) Any complaints may disqualify you from any prize.

Have fun and enjoy the Network, for any questions please contact Catch or Dokken or a commissioner… Thanks

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