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    Posted at 9:23 am June 18, 2012 admin

    Marlins VS Redsox games 1 and 2

    Good afternoon lg!

                                             Just finished 2 classy games against Soxfan and I must say he is a class act in victory as well as in defeat! The first game of our series was classic! No dirt-ball crap, staying within the strike zone on both of our parts making the game real, “KEEPING IT REAL”! I have the mind set if you hit it out of the ball park then you hit it out. Why be a bytch and dirt-ball and run from quality hitters! When you play me or Soxfan you will get a game, a real game mind you! We are 1 and 1 in the series and getting ready for game 3. Thanks again Soxfan for keepin it real my brotha!


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