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Posted at 8:38 am July 25, 2012 dokken



This is a pure sim league. If you are an owner in this league it is because you were hand selected based on your sportsmanship, maturity, your ability to display proper baseball etiquette and your good skills displayed when playing the game . If for any reason you’re reported as an owner who abuses the exploits this game has (slow animations, constant bunting and stealing, cheese fest pitching i.e. constant dirt balls high fast balls) you will be removed immediately. I don’t think we will ever have this issue as we are going to keep this league to a maximum of 20 user teams.

Being active in our Group Me chat is a huge plus. We tend to give score updates as we play games throughout the season. Talk baseball and what not.


  • Respect all owners in game and chat, not doing so will get you removed from the league.
  • If any depute please contact a commissioner before blasting someone in the chat.
  • Try and keep any BS off the chat and direct message the other party.
  • Racist remarks in the chat and or live streams will result in a BOOT​.



  • If an error is made in the outfield when it should have clearly been an out advance one base, but do not score on a play if that happen.
  • A misjudged play in the outfield does not apply to the rule above.
  •  No check swinging all the time or flashing bunts over and over.
  • When stealing a base, you cannot stop or return base runner if you do allow yourself to be picked off.  Only applies when stealing a base not a passed ball or a wide turn at a base.
  • No abusing steals.


  • Bunting should be used in a sim manner (Sacrifices to stay out of double play, Suicide Squeeze, Bunting for a Single) are all legitimate bunt situations. HOWEVER, this will be regulated as follows:
  • You can not bunt with 2 strikes and no one on base.
  • No consecutive bunts. (you cannot bunt with back to back players.)
  • You cannot steal third and bunt with the batter as the defense glitches everytime.
  • 1 bunt a inning.
  • No bunting with a man on third.



  • 5 Man Pitching Rotation is Mandatory use all starter, not doing so will get you’re best player banned.
  • You can have one starter in the bull pen
  • If caught out of order the game (If Won) maybe suspect to replayed.
  • Utilize your bullpen and don’t throw complete games each outing.
  • Do not pull a pitcher if you have started a count to a batter



  • If you and your opponent disconnect or freeze you have 2 choices: Replay the game in its entirety or Start new game and keep the previous score and inning (i.e: we played 6 innings i was up 3-2 and the game froze, we start a new game and play 3 innings keeping in mind the previous score.)
  • IF your game disconnects after the 6th inning, you must go straight to relief pitching and not use your starter.
  • Quitting is not permitted – if you do quit you will forfeit the series with said opponent.
  • Intentionally Hitting Batters – Hitting batters is part of the game, however if you are grieving (Intentionally hitting multiple hitters) Your top players may be subject to a suspension.


  • You must have at least 4 bench position players and at least two catchers on your MLB roster.
  • You can not trade a player you traded for or signed in FA in the same season.
  • A player can only play his Position and his secondary positions. You are not allowed to put a player in a position that is not on his card.



  • All trades must be approved by the commissioners.
  • You must play five games in the league to trade.
  • If you are new you still have to play five games, no matter what the team record is.



  • You must play seven games before signing a FA after that it’s every 2 games.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to DM us in our Group Me room.

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